Growing up ….. Moony Wormtail Padfoot Prongs…

“The consequences of our actions are always so  complicated that predicting the future is a very difficult business ”

-Albus Dumbledore

Its been more than a decade since I started reading about Harry and his  magical world. Still it feels as if it was only yesterday that I was suffering from typhoid and missing my school exams of Grade 9 when I procured the “Philosopher’s Stone”. One book followed another and I was swept onto  the platform nine and and three-four quarters , on board the Hogwarts express en-route to the Wizarding school , accompaning Harry on  his adventures with Ron and Hermione, his visits to Hagrid,his learnings with Dumbledore, his escapades from forbidden forests, venomous tarantulas, evil Prof Snape(though I changed my opininion later),”hem hem” Doloris Umbridge and his fleeting infatuations and romances, be it Cho Chang or Ginny Weasley.

Yet , nothing strikes me more than the camaraderie shared by Harry’s dad James and his other three school friends ,Sirius ,Remus and Peter aka the Marauders.

The beauty of the “prisoner of azkaban” was in the fact that it did not glorify James and his friends. They were presented as they were, young ,carefree ,mischievous… So strong was the bonding that even I , for a moment waited alongside Harry for James to  appear along with his stag patronus.

The lives of these four friends are parodies of the various situations of the real world…. friendship, sacrifice, trust betrayal, forgivingness…..

Although each one of them died….. but then

“Do you think the dead whom we have loved ever truly leave us……. “


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