Of early morning Test cricket, Raj Comics and Maths…..

The title may seem weird , even illogical…. but after two harrowing days of regression analysis, I have started finding a relationship between any two objects in the world .. even if they are , in Barney Stinson’s world as poles apart as having sex with a girl and loving another one…..

Here I am , 3 and a half months living my IIM A dream… and I did not even get a chance to reflect on my stay here…. Thats how challenging I have felt this dream to be…. Readers, do not be puzzled.. I am arriving there as fast as I can…..

It is about to be 4 in the morning and I am far from sleep…. As the clock ticks over, I am reminded of the early morning alarms that I used to put to watch the India Australia Test Matches……. back in school and college days…. the excitement used to stop me from sleeping the previous night.. and I wish I find something to do in my life which excites me so much that I cannot wait for the morning to start and work….. almost like how Sachin used to feel when he was out in the hotel room at night, his mind still wavering in the grounds…. ok I need to come back.. . Perth was a relief as it started at 8 which meant a few extra hours of sleep……

I will get back to this post… the damned case studies pull me away from my blog……


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