My India is a land of oppurtunists, a land of enthusiasts , a land of democrats , a land of republicans ,  a land of socialists, a land of communists, a land of capitalists  and more recently a land of bloggers. When it comes down to communal prejudices and suppression of the minorities we justify ourselves by using the term  called  democrats . When it comes to protecting our property, we adhere to our constitution thus naming ourselves with the term republicans. When we stand among the ill-treated  worker class we stick to the group called  communists . When we require jobs, industries and cricket franchises we turn to the so called capitalists and when we are unable to understand the relative advantages of communism over capitalism we refer to ourselves as socialists. When none of the above groups can solve our problems, we join the group of bloggers to vent out our feelings.

Right to Freedom of speech and expression is one of our many constitutional rights , though in our country one better watch out for what he writes (read also paints/blogs). The consequences of this use of freedom have left many creative minds expressionless in the past. A blog is one such medium to express or air your views with full freedom. I daresay full freedom after the “cattle class” fiasco or the comments on the terror attacks by a renowned blogger that led to quite an uproar.

But then this is real India I guess, from the backwaters of Kerala to the sand dunes of Kutch and from the basins of the Ganges to the marshy and swampy Sunderbans where you can have a little bit of everything without delving deeper into anything particular or to say without indulging in extremism. So in support of all the moderate bloggers who refrain from being extremists and taking a particular stand, this is a yet another ordinary blog.